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The best ways to get on an executive search consultant’s headhunting list

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Being headhunted by an executive search consultant places you in a solid position as an applicant. Their wide pool of astounding ability and abundance of industry information regularly make search consultants the main port of call for organizations hoping to fill pined for jobs. Since they have a notoriety for taking care of finding fantastic […]

Cobalt Air

Passengers warned that all Cobalt Air flights are cancelled

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Cobalt Air the Cypriot airline based at Larnaca airport operating in the UK and other locations around the globe indefinitely cancelled its operations starting the midnight of 17 October 2018. The passengers of the carrier that flew to 23 destinations were warned that flights were cancelled following the ceasing of all operations by Cobalt Air. […]

Which metrics and KPIs do good HR departments use?

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As the race for those with the most ability keeps on increasing in the midst of contracting workforce from many nations, the observing of good HR approaches has turned out to be fundamental. Compelling measurements and KPIs can hail up zones of inconvenience, including high turnover and low staff commitment rates to help hold key […]