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Whether you want to look great online, get more sales, generate qualified leads, or make business operations a little easier, we can craft a website that does that. [4 min read]


This is our recipe for success

This is our recipe for success

1 We discover.

We get to know your brand, your customers, their needs, and your business goals. With this hard data, we can develop a solid strategy to make everyone happy.

2 We write.

Two common goals for any business is to increase sales and generate qualified leads. Achieving this has largely to do with what is said on your website. We develop content that speaks directly to your customer’s needs.

3 We design & test.

Additionally, your content is supported by user-centered web design (UX). While we follow best practices, our mockups are ran through multiple user tests to verify if our message and approach is getting the responses we want.

4 We test & test again.

During coding, and before launch, your website is tested for speed, usability, accessibility, mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility, and if users are meeting the calls to action.

5 We monitor.

After launch, your website is monitored to determine how well our plan is going. When adjustments are necessary, we’ll be there to make them.

Three Questions Answered
  • About Price

    We’re not cheap, but not super-expensive.

    Our pricing is premium because we provide excellence, value, and results. We consider our websites as investments. Think about how much a sale or qualified lead is worth to you. We believe we can bring a return much greater than the price of the project.

  • About Risk

    Your marketing dollars are in good hands.

    Our initial discovery phase followed by multiple user tests ensures your completed website will meet its goals. Our service includes peace of mind. Regarding technology, we’ll make sure your new site is periodically scanned, backed up (offsite), and protected from hackers.

  • About Support

    We practice the golden rule.

    The golden says: “Do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31).” We serve with integrity, honesty, and reliability. We love our clients. Our policy is to respond to our customers within the hour or day.

My Story

CWC (Chester Web Consulting) is lead by me, Neal Chester, and accompanied by a remote team of brilliant designers, copywriters, and programmers.

I’m a husband, teacher, minister, and designer. I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan, but now I reside in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

From as early as five years old, illustration and story telling has been my passion. During my studies at the College for Creative Studies, digital design and web design became my new love.

Since 2003, I’ve helped companies create their logos, marketing materials, and websites. I love what I do. In 2010, I shifted my practice towards UX design and conversion rate optimization (CRO) because I wanted to provide the most value.

Sadly, many small businesses owners were stuck in the “brochure website mindset” (and they couldn’t afford CRO); this led me to pursue companies who understood the importance of a hard working website that brought a return.

But I didn’t want to leave small businesses behind; I knew our importance. So in 2014, I launched Start Web Smart. SWS is an educational site that shows business owners how to meet their bottom line with any budget.

With CWC and SWS in place, I can help most businesses, whether new or established, large or small, with any budget size, launch a website that will generate qualified leads and grow their revenue.

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